Year of foundation: 1986
Head Office: St. Petersburg
The company employs more than 700 people.
Production located in the EU (Latvia, Riga) and the Russian Federation (St. Petersburg).
GEYSER Shosse Revolutcii 69, St. Petersburg, Russia Phone: +7(812)605-00-55 e-mail:

GEYSER has been manufacturing filters since 1986 and is the leader on Russian market of water filters. The company has R&D department, which includes a research team and lab department with an analysis labs, a design bureau and a modern manufacturing facility making products of thermoplastic and reactoplastic. New partners are attracted by the company’s impeccable reputation, high quality of products, strict adherence to warranty guarantees, flexible payment schedules, and mobility of deliveries.

Geyser is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of desalination systems for industrial companies and country homes. The company provides a comprehensive turn-key range of assembly and turning operations. With 20 years of experience in assembling and fine-tuning water filtering, pumping and lifting systems, and carrying out comprehensive water-supply operations we have a range of ready-to-use technologies and solutions in this area. Geyser service center has been certified by RUNXIN and is allowed to service its products across Russia.

Experts at Geyser have created a unique filtering material, ARAGON BIO, which has no analogs anywhere in the world. When used in filters this material removes not only the usual contaminants but also bacteria, viruses, radionuclides and heavy metals.

Approved by:


  • Ferrara Research University (Italy). Department of Microbiology. EN 14476:2007 requirements and testing methods
  • Ahlstrom Filtration Company (US).
  • R&D Institute of Flu
  • RAMS Research Institute on Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene named after A.N. Sysin.
  • FSBE R&D Institute of Occupational Health of the RAMS.
  • Discoveries and inventions of Geyser have been confirmed by more than 20 patents of the Russian Federation have been recognized by 28 foreign countries.