Replacing Cartridges

Are you already using our filters yet do not wish to spend time looking for and buying cartridges? Changing your cartridges can be quite a hassle. What if something goes wrong and you flood your neighbors?

Trust this job to professionals. You can order your cartridges delivered and installed. What if you do not want to remember when you have to change your cartridges and which of them must be changed? Sign a service contract. We will deliver and replace the cartridges at a time convenient for you.

Please Note! All the risks involved in the work of our professionals have been insured.

Assembly of Filters

We can help you protect your home appliances (washers, dishwashers, boilers), your sanitary equipment (bath, sink, toilet, shower cabin) so that they serve you longer. Order a consultation and our expert will come to you to study the technical conditions, and our experienced consultants will choose an optimal cleaning system. The service department will deliver and install your filtering system.

Assembly of Desalination Systems

Geyser Company will carry out a full range of assembly and setup operations to filter the water and carry out “turn-key” desalination. We have many years of experience in assembling and fine-tuning water filtering, pumping and lifting systems, and carrying out comprehensive water-supply operations. Assembly crews are equipped with all the necessary tools, transport and mobile communication systems. Our assembly crews are specially selected. The teams took years to be set up; our clients appreciate professionalism, cohesion and accountability of Geyser company assembly crews. All operations and materials are covered by a 12-month warranty.

Servicing Desalination Systems

Geyser water filters are autonomous to the maximum, this is one of the main principles of our operation. But any systems will need regular maintenance. Practically at all times when problems accumulate, they require more investments that the money saved on servicing the equipment.

Our servicing agreement presupposes maintenance every three months, with all necessary cleaning and technical functioning procedures usually used. We also value individualized approach to our customers. You will have a personal service manager who knows everything about the type of equipment you use. He or she will advise you when to replace your cartridges or order new consumables.

We approach servicing very responsibly because we know how important it is for you. Therefore, you may count on us delivering our service and providing our support immediately when you have any technical problems.

Reliability of our service is achieved through providing assistance of highly qualified service staff 24/7.

We can also settle a service agreement with you to service your water treatment and desalination systems installed by other companies who refused to provide maintenances services or do not provide them for some reason or other. In most cases you will need to upgrade the equipment to improve efficiency of its operation.

Regular quarterly maintenance will include:

  • A water test for iron and general hardness before and after the filtering process.
  • Inspection of all units and parts of the system.
  • When necessary, scraping out, sealing leaks, etc.
  • Pressure check at points of entry and exit.
  • Checking and testing control units.

The service technician will complete the following operations free of charge:

  • Assembly and installation of the adapter and the ball valve onto the cold water pipe.
  • Installation of the tap for clean water.
  • Installation of connecting pipes to the filter and the water supply system.
  • A check of the attached filter’s air tightness and performance.