Aragon 3

It used in-line filters for cleaning of hot and cold water. Cleaning takes place in 3 ways: mechanical, ion exchange and sorption that allows to remove from the water all the harmful impurities. 

Sediment filtration

The polypropylene pre-filter removes particles> 5 microns. Aragon removes mechanical impurities> 1 micron. 

ion exchange purification

Aragon removes contaminants, iron, heavy metals, reduces stiffness (at high water hardness must also use special purpose cartridges). 

Absorption purification

Aragon and activated carbon eliminate water from the odor, color, organic impurities.

For hot and cold water

Aragon 3 cartridge effectively cleans both hot and cold water, keep high quality of cleaning during whole service life.


You can forget about the marks on the calendar and reminders in the phone = cartridge “Aragon-3” will tell you when it needs to be replaced. Furthermore, even when the filter is exhausted capacity blocked impurities do not fall into the purified water.