Why apply?

Activated carbon filter cleans the water of contaminants, especially chlorine, which is added to treatment facilities of cities, as well as the odor, taste and bacteria got into the water.

Result of cleaning

Activated carbon filter removes harmful bacteria, chlorine, organic compounds from water.

Activated Carbon Water Filter – is universal cleaning technology based on sorption and catalytic properties of the activated carbon. In the production of activated carbon used coconut shells or special timber which provide mamxamal filtering characteristics of material. Activated Carbon Water Filter are ideal for finishing water purification. The goal of carbon filters is to remove chlorine and chlorinated compounds, organic impurities and odors from drinking water.

The use of carbon filters for water

Carbon water filters are installed in water treatment systems and domestic water filters:

  • industrial sewage water cleaning for the recovery of service water;
  • Industrial water treatment to remove iron from water and organic compounds, chlorine when it is fed into the central water supply system of settlements;
  • water treatment systems for country houses and cottages
  • household drinking water filtration plants.

Activated Carbon cartridges – is part of the pre-filtering system of the complex in a residential reverse osmosis systems. They are also set as the final purification step. As a result, the water is cleaned of harmful organic compounds and becomes a pleasant taste.

In addition, carbon filters for water purification plants are used in private country houses and cottages. These are fiberglass tanks with an activated carbon filtration media, which improves the quality of domestic water.

Carbon filters “Geyser”

“Geyser” is a manufacturer of industrial, semi-industrial and residential water filtration systems, offers the activated carbon filters of CF series for final stage cleaning, which are effective for treatment of water of any degree of contamination.

Activated carbon water filters CF are installed after mean-line filters, iron removal and disinfection system. Pressurized water is passed through the activated carbon filling and the remaining noxious substances are deposited on activated carbon.

The control system is programmed to pass a certain amount of water (depending on the degree of pollution) and then automatically activates backwash the filter, washing away all contamination accumulated in the drainage network.

Activated carbon filters “Geyser” CF series (depending on model) capable of purifying water at a rate of 10 m3 / h and maintain system pressure up to 10.5 bar. Life time of filtration media for such kind of filters is 1 year, then it should be replaced.