Company’s Patents

Geyser Company experts have designed a range of unique filtering materials and methods of purifying water. The quality and effectiveness of these designs has been confirmed by more than 20 patents and independent expert assessments.

These include:

  • Patent 2203721 dd. 04.07.2001. A water filter and manufacturing method (Aragon material). 
  • Patent 2218984 dd. 29.04.2002. Filtering dolomite-based medium for removing iron from the water. 
  • Patent 2212378 dd. 18.07.2002. A device for entering additives into the water (household filter mineralizer). 
  • Patent 2212378 dd. 18.07.2002 TBT Streamline Filter
  • Patent 2261843 dd. 26.05.2004 Device for lowering the accumulation of scale deposits (quasi-softening) 
  • Patent 2286354 dd. 21.07.2015 Way of obtaining Aragon filtering material
  • Patent 201211611 dd. 29.04.2012 Way of inactivating viruses in aquatic environments.