Ecotar Filters

Ecotar Filters

96% of all Geyser Ecotar users (according to a study by Comcon in 2014) recommend the filter to their friends and family as a system with the unique technology of filtering the water and adding useful micronutrients to it.

Convenient and fast

Stationary Geyser filters can help you save space in the kitchen, perform high-quality water filtering, while servicing them is quite easy.

To get a glass of filtered water with the help of the Geyser stationary filter you need just 4 seconds.

Try it yourself!

Water Filtering
Water Filtering

The Geyser Ecotar filter will remove all the typical contaminants – chlorine, iron, hardness salts (softening), heavy metals, bacteria and viruses.

Active silver
Active silver

Aragon material contains silver, which blocks reproduction of filtered microorganisms. The silver has been integrated into the material, so it does not get into the filtered water, thus providing the safest bacteriostatic effect for your health.

Reliability and Durability

Only food-grade plastic is used to make the filters.

All the component parts have also been checked; all stationary filters have the warranty period of three years. The service life of filters is 10 years.

More cost-efficient with every liter

During the first year you use the filter, the price of the filtered water is 50 lower than the price of potable water; starting from the second year – 150 times lower.

Fresh tasty water with no preservatives! You yourself control the quality of your water. Potable water is 50 times more expensive.

Aragon Bio

This cartridge (Patent No. 2287356 dd. 30.06.2015) combines several water treatment methods: mechanical; ion exchange, adsorption; electric adsorption.

Test results of Aragon Bio material in Russia and USA on real hepatitis A virus, noroviruses, rotaviruses and MS2 virus model showed their complete removal up to concentration of 108 pc/ml.

Catalon – is a new generation of fibrous ion exchange materials developed by Geyser (patent number 2531829 on 01/09/2014). Unique fibrous ion exchange sorbent removes iron, chlorine, organics, bacteria and viruses.
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